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Imperial At- At

At-At label

Imperial At-At Pilsner ~ 10.2% ABV
Imperial At-At Pilsner is a huge beer and dangerously smooth drinking. Perfectly balanced between malt and hops, with intense notes of bitter and sweet. Serve at 8-10°C.

We bottled this only into tiny 330 ml bottles, and each one has 2.6 standard drinks in it. Share a bottle with a friend!

Food Matches
for Imperial At-At Pilsner include: aged cheddar, blue cheeses, baked fish, fish & chips, sorbet, white chocolate.

At-At photo

Imperial At-At Pilsner
takes Number 7 Pilsner

on Dish's 2016 Pilsner Tasting Panel.
(Dish Magazine, April 2016)





Imperial At-At Pilsner
at Osteria del Toro.

Brewers Guild NZ 2012 Member gold medal

Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards
(Gold Medal, 2015, Specialty, Experimental, aged, Barrel, Wood-Aged Styles)

New World Beer & Cider Awards Bronze medal

New World Beer & Cider Awards
(Bronze Medal, 2016, Experimental, Aged, Fruit, & Flavoured Styles)

At-At photo

Best Before VS Vintage
Imperial At-At Pilsner has a Vintage on the label, not a Best Before date. Beer which has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) at or above 7.3% ABV is packaged (like wine) with a Vintage and date of packaging. Like wine, beer packaged with a Vintage has no Best Before and does not expire, and like wine can be cellared, potentially for years. Beer which is cellared will likely change character, possibly losing some strong flavours and allowing other flavours to come to the fore.

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