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Paloma label

Paloma New Zealand Barrel-Aged Barleywine is a rich, smooth, nutty, strong ale that has been aged for ten months in French oak wine barrels that previously held New Zealand Whisky Co's Double-Wood Whisky for many years. Like all our beers, it is made with New Zealand-grown malt and hops. 14.3% ABV.

Night Spirit

The casks used to age and transform Paloma Barleywine held assorted French merlot and shiraz 30 years ago, and then Double-Wood malt whisky from the New Zealand Whisky Co. from the early 80s till they they were emptied of whisky in 2016, and then we filled them with beer. Hints of citrus, vanilla, nuttiness and the lightest of peat notes have been infused into the beer during the 10 months aging process.

Night Spirit

The casks release their unique whisky essence to the beer only once (After that first use, the barrel may offer oak flavour, but the whisky flavour is gone.) and this has resulted in a one-of-a-kind beer which can never be repeated. Only 1560 bottles of 2017 Paloma Barleywine have been produced so there are limited quantities of this beer to be enjoyed. It's a beer which will keep and age well for years.

Big Pigeon Pilsner label

Paloma is a common Spanish name meaning dove or pigeon. The Kereru (or New Zealand wood pigeon) like to stuff itself with fruit and then sit in the sun. The fruit ferments inside the birds, and they then get drunk and fall out of the trees, where kind people collect them and take them to sober up in safety away from cats. We recomend you make like the group of kereru on the Paloma label and share your Paloma bottle with friends so you don't end up under a tree. 14.3% ABV!

ereru bird photo


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