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Maidstone Lager

Maidstone Lager in a glass
Maidstone Lager at Bar Bodega, featuring the Reverend Horton Heat. Photo: Emma Bell.

Brewers Guild NZ 2012 Member 150

Brewers Guild NZ 2012 Member 150

Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards
(Bronze Medal, 2014, European Lager Styles)
(Bronze Medal, 2016, International Lager)
Find more information about our Brewer's Guild Awards here.

Maidstone label


Maidstone Lager ~ 5%ABV
A Vienna lager has a complex balance of well-rounded maltiness & gentle hop bitterness with a crisp dry finish with hints of sweetness. Maidstone Lager is our light & refreshing interpretation of this European style.

$5.00 per 330ml Bottle, $55 per dozen.
$8.00 per 500ml bottle, $88 per dozen.
$10.00 per litre off the Kereru tap bank.

Maidstone Poster

Articles about Maidstone
Golden Lagers set to dominate sales for years to come.
(FMCG Business Magazine, May 19, 2015)

Tasting Panel: Low Alcohol Session Beers
(Kereru takes 4 of the top 12!)
(Dish Magazine~April/May, 2015)




Maidstone Lager in a glass

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