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Moonless Stout

Night Spirit

Night Spirit

Night Spirit Launch Dinner & Degustation
30 May, 2017 at Logan Brown, Wellington with multi-award-winning chef, Shaun Clouston. We will be launching our first barrel-aged beer: 2017 Night Spirit: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout at this degustation dinner. This rare and unique beer will be revealed during one of the courses at the degustation along with the '92 single malt whisky which has given its essence to our beer. We think this will be a stunning sensory experience that should not be missed.

Night Spirit ~ 12.0% ABV
NZ Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

This deep dark intense imperial stout has been aged for 10 months in rare American oak bourbon barrels that previously held New Zealand Whiskey Co. single malt for more than 20 years. Packaged 2017. Best before 2025.

500 ml Bottles available after 30 May.


Darkest Days: Stout & Porter Showcase
Featuring the one & only keg of Night Spirit!
The Malthouse, Wellington: Friday 23rd June 2017

The four New Zealand Whiskey Co. casks used to age and transform our Imperial Stout into our limited-release 2017 Night Spirit each held a particular year's production covering 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1992. Hints of citrus, vanilla, nuttiness and the lightest of peat notes have been infused into the beer during the 10 months aging process. The casks release their unique whiskey essence to the beer only once and this has resulted in a one-of-a-kind beer which can never be repeated. Only 1500 bottles of 2017 Night Spirit have been produced so there are limited quantities of this beer to be enjoyed. It's a beer which will keep and age well for years.

Night Spirit

There were a very limited number of New Zealand Whiskey Co. barrels and Kereru can soak the whiskey out of a barrel into a beer only once. (After that first use, the barrel may offer oak flavour, but the whiskey flavour is gone.) We produced a scant 1500 bottles of this very rare beer.

Night Spirit
Night Spirit

Night Spirit

Learn more about the Puriri Moth here. and here.

The Puriri Moth (or Pepetuna or Ghost Moth) is at 15 cm New Zealand's largest moth. It's green, white, and brown, and lives in the puriri tree, other native hardwood trees, and introduced hardwood trees like oak.

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