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Old Red Oak Ale

Old Red Oak Ale Ale

Old Red Oak Ale Ale

Old Red Oak Ale, Special Edition
~ 6.0%ABV.
Kereru's Old Red Oak Ale is a dark amber ale, gently bittered, and lightly oaked. It's strong, sweet, and malty, with notes of toffee & stone fruit.

Old Red Oak Ale was lightly oaked with toasted prunings of American Turkey Oak, sustainably harvested by the gardeners from the Wellington Botanical Garden.

The original form of an 'old ale' was an old sour beer mixed with a young fresh beer. The modern form of an 'old ale' is simply aged in the fermenting tank for three months, and gets its depth of character from the layering of malts, treacle, toasted oak, and time in tank.

Ours is a sweet little brown beer with a bit of a kick. And if you are wondering what the little satyr is holding, it's a rhyton.

Old Red Oak Ale with food photo

Brewers Guild NZ bronze medal

Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards
(Bronze Medal, 2015, British Ale Styles)

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