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Silverstream Pale Ale
Silverstream Pale Ale at the Silverspoon
SPA with striploin and scallops at the Silverspoon in Silverstream.

New World silver medal

New World Beer & Cider Awards
(Silver Medal, 2014, Speciality Ale)

Silverstream Pale Ale

Silverstream Pale Ale ~ 3.8% ABV.
A mildly-hopped session beer. The style is called an ‘ordinary bitter’ but this one is malty & slightly sweet with biscuit flavours. Serve at 8-10°C.

Food Matches for Silverstream Pale Ale include: cheddar, asiago, parmigiano, reggiano, light fresh meat dishes, chicken, lamb, steak, salads, Thai dishes, Indian dishes, Mexican dishes with avacado, lime & chili; puddings, fruit crumbles, fresh fruit.

Silverstream Pale Ale with food photo

Silverstream Pale Ale poster

This was the first recipe we developed at our original nano-brewery under our house in Silverstream. We chose kererus for the logo and the label because we had a family of three kereru birds right outside in our garden, nesting in a pine tree and eating bits of our kowhai and pear trees.

Paul in the Antarctic with with a SPA.

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