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Kereru Brewing Company. LTD.
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Experiments coming to events and locations!

Guava Weisse tap badge

Doppelbock ~ 8.5% ABV.
Coming soon to the Pacific Beer Expo.

DoppelBock is a strong German-style beer, high in alcohol, low in carbonation, sweet and malty.

Tap badge art here.

Coming Soon!

Guava Weisse tap badge

Hop Wave ~ 8.5% ABV.
An Imperial IPA made for the 2017 West Coast IPA Challenge. Big and citrusy! Several kegs available.

By the litre off the Kereru tap bank.

Tap badge art here.

More info here.

Experiments available from the Pilot Brewplant

Guava Weisse tap badge

Belgian Table Beer ~ 4.0% ABV.

Tap badge art here.

A light and refreshing table beer made with flavourful Belgian yeast, coriander, and zesty Moutere hops.

By the litre off the Kereru tap bank.

Night Spirit

Chai Brown Ale ~ 5.0% ABV
Chai Brown Ale is an experiment batch brewed for our Beervana 2017 tasting paddle, made with chai from Wellington company Nela's Chai. Toast brown base and rich, warm spices.

By the litre off the Kereru tap bank.
Click for more info.

Tap badge art here.

Guava Weisse tap badge

Feijoa Berlinner Weisse ~ 3.8 %ABV.
A refreshing kettle-soured and unfiltered Berliner Weisse-style ale made with wheat and lots and lots of feijoa puree. It's golden blush in colour with a tangy tropical aroma and a clean gentle sourness. More info here.

Kegs available: 1x20L, 2x50L.
May be bought by a pub or may arrive at the Kereru tap bank. TBD!

Alex & Emma brewing.
Emma & Chris making an experiment on the pilot plant.

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Our beer is available from a number of stockists, from our cellar door at the brewery, or from our online store. Please phone or email if you have any inquiries. Prices, special offers, and sales at the cellar door may differ from any in the web store. Prices are subject to change. Please be prepared to show proof of age when purchasing from us.

Find more information about our our Awards here.

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