our past beers

 Fresh Hop Special Bitter (5.0%ABV) was brewed once a year with freshly harvested Cascade & Motueka wet hops and an English yeast. Last made in 2017.

For Even Greater Justice Imperial Porter(8.5%ABV) this beer was intense & chewy with bold notes of wood-fired toasted
coconut, bitter chocolate, &
mello maltiness.
Last made in 2014.

Hop To It (5.9%ABV) was an assertively-hopped ESB with bitter marmalade hop flavour balanced against malt sweetness with NZ cascade hops on the nose. Complements rich or spicy foods. Last made in 2016. May yet return.

Old Red Oak Ale, Special Edition (6.0%ABV)

was a dark amber ale, gently bittered, and lightly oaked. It's strong, sweet, and malty, with notes of toffee & stone fruit. Last made in 2016.

Kumara Brown Ale (5.0%ABV) was a medium-hopped brown ale, malty with a golden kumara finish. Complements pork & savory dishes. Last made in 2015.

Skipper, Belgian Table Beer (4.0 %ABV) was a light and refreshing table beer made with flavourful Belgian yeast, coriander, and zesty Moutere hops. Pilot batch made in 2017.

KawaKawa Lemongrass Ginger Pilsner (5.0% ABV) this was an experiment batch brewed for our Beervana 2017 tasting paddle, made from a base of our Big Pigeon Pilsner. Spicy!

Chai Brown Ale (5.0% ABV) Chai Brown Ale was an experiment batch brewed for our Beervana 2017 tasting paddle, made with chai from Wellington company Nela's Chai. Toast brown base and rich, warm spices.

Caber Toss (8.0% ABV) was a variation of our Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Only one keg was made, and the rest is in whisky barrels. This was only available at the 2017 Winter Ales Festival in Wellington.

Dark & Stormy (5.9%ABV) was a stout recipe made with a Belgian yeast. The dark malts offered roasted coffee and chocolate flavours, with fruity esters from the Belgian yeast, and a dry smooth finish.

Mandarina (6.0%ABV) Kereru uses only NZ-grown hops, but in this rare instance we have used German Mandarina hops, which are bright citrusy and aromatic. This beer is light in colour and body, refreshing and hop-focused. Pilot batch made in 2017.

Wee Ginger Lassie (4.0%ABV) was an American wheat ale made with ginger, mango, cardamom, and Pacific Jade hops. Easygoing summery ale with fragranrt tropical and spice notes. A tiny 250 litre test batch was made in 2016.

Maunga Taonga (9.8%ABV) meaning Mountain Treasure, this Black Barleywine was made with Pohutukawa honey and dark malts. Warming and roasty with a hint of floral sweetness tempered by NZ Goldings hops for bittering. Made in 2015.

Underparty: Smoke & Chili Wheat(5.5%ABV)

was a German wheat beer brewed with manuka-smoked malt with a subtle chili finish. Made in 2015.

Rhubarbara (3.8%) was a variation on our kettle-soured Berlinerweisse beer that had rhubarb added for a tart, earthy flavour. This may yet appear again as it was very tasty!







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