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Hours and map

Kereru Brewing Company. LTD.
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Come for a tour and tasting at Kereru!
There are several options. See which one works best for you.
You must be 18+ years of age to take part in a tasting.

karengose tap

Option Zero - FREE
Free tastings with our little tiny plastic cups are available during our usual hours.

Quick tours are available IF we have time and enough staff. The best time for a free tour is Tuesday through Thursday during our usual hours. Friday and Saturday afternoons are our busiest selling times and we may be too busy to offer you a free tour at those times.

Zero price, but alas, zero guarantees.

karengose tap

Option One - $5.00 per person
Tastings with our little tiny plastic cups, (but no food) and a complete tour of the brewery at a time that works for you.

Call and book ahead to make sure you get the date & time that's best for you. Holidays and weekends fill up fast.

This website is not suitable for minors.
Please verify your age. Pick your date of birth.